Jan 8, 2008

Funny News!! 1/8/08

Boy glues hand to bed to avoid school - A 10-year-old boy dreaded returning to school after Christmas break. Wow I think that heating up my thermometer so it looked like I was sick would have benefited this kid. Man wish I could have told him my childhood secret :0(.

Dude, the cops will never smell it - OK your just retarded you deserve to get busted sorry.

'Dice shooter' nabbed after complaining - Dude you lost your money gambling illegal....sure call the cops when your money gets stolen by the guy who you were playing with.

Dog saves boy from fire by biting foot - Very neat story guess some dogs really really love their owners.

Rapper's name change quite an experience - Next time make your new name "The" ignorant "one".

224,000 fake anti-impotence pills seized - 3.5 million worth. Man there is going to be some very mad old dudes out there.

Car festival mob prompts security revamp - Guys wanting girls to flash them at a family event. Wow smart ones.

Bookies refuse wagers on sex tape number - Bookies are just making people made just let them have the number back. Ex-government minister had his fun so let the number be FREED!!!!

Tokyo taxis no longer a haven for smokers - It's a small step for non-smokers a giant leap for non-smelling like crap taxis.